Residence 7

Why choose Residence 7 Windows?

With the new windows on the block a few years ago it is safe to say that the Residence 7 boutique window system is here to stay! We at Sovereign Windows have been installing this fantastic window replacement system for the past couple of years and the customer feedback has been unbelievable!

If you have been inspired by the R7 Collection and are looking for more reasons to invest in this fantastic system for your home we have compiled some more reasons for you to go ahead and invest!

Hence the name…The Residence 7 Collection has Seven Chambers!

With the majority of window frames on the market only able to offer you three or five chambers due to their width, the fantastic R7 collection offers you seven chambers due to the 75mm width they feature.


Regardless of the style of property you live in, from old style country cottages to modern new builds the R7 can be fitted and won’t feel out of place on any property, trust us!


We don’t mean you can have your name bearing on your windows, why would you want that, but the versatility that comes with Residence 7 means that multiple styles can be incorparated to give you the finish your taste desires and also your property demands. 

Flush on the Inside Flush on the Outside

With the R7 collection bearing a beautifully flat finish both inside and outside you can create a modern appearance, with a delightful clean appearance, the design is a well thought out blockbuster for sure. The window proportions make this a super simple addition to any property.

Colour Options

  • Grained White
  • Cotswold Biscuit
  • Clotted Cream
  • Cotswold Green
  • Painswick
  • English Oak
  • Irish Oak
  • Silvered Oak
  • Golden Oak
  • Rosewood
  • Eclectic Grey
  • No.10 Black
  • Corse Lawn

To make an enquiry call us or fill out a form on our residence 7 page or if you want to view our Residence 7 brochure please feel free to download here

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