Sliding Patio Doors

Letting the great outdoors in while keeping you safe and secure

Our Sliding Patio Doors are perfect for just sitting back and admiring the view.

Our Sliding Patio Doors possess large glazed units, less frames, and are available up to 3 metres wide in 2 panes or even larger in 3 or 4 panes. You can enjoy your garden all year round!

They aren’t just great for the outdoors either! Sliding Patio Doors make excellent room dividers too as the doors glide in-line.

Sovereign Sliding Doors provide an unobstructed view and are the perfect option for those who enjoy admiring the view of their garden and beyond! The ultra sleek design make them a match for any contemporary space.

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The Sliding Door popularity is in part down to its aesthetics but also with how effortless they are to open and close. The largest Sliding Doors weighing hundreds of kilograms can easily be opened and closed with the gentle push of a few fingers. This is thanks to innovations in rails and roller technology.

Sliding Patio Doors are primarily used to open up your home to the garden. Thin door frames mean that when these doors are open you’ll hardly notice them there! The low threshold means that children running in and out all day won’t trip up. Additionally, they’re wheelchair friendly so everyone is able to venture outside and come back in as they please.

Features & Benefits:

  • Security & Safety – The sliding door is greatly appreciated by parents who can easily keep an eye on their children with the views the large glass panes provide. However, when playtime is over, our steel reinforced Sliding Door makes sure that the whole family is always safe. Thanks to its multipoint locking system and anti-jacking technology!
  • Design – Sliding Doors make the most of the natural light that can enter your home. Coupled with their sleek and ultra thin design, they make the most of the space they’re in as well!
  • Efficiency – We demand this from all our doors and windows! Therefore, we design and build accordingly; but you can expect thermal and acoustic insulation. When the day is over and you close the door, you keep the noise and the cold out too.

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