Aluminium Doors

Elevate your home’s exterior with the timeless appeal and exceptional performance of Aluminium Doors.

Aluminium Doors, the low-maintenance solution for busy homeowners looking to create their dream home.

Aluminium Doors are an unmatched choice for homeowners who are seeking the PERFECT blend of modern design, exceptional durability, and low maintenance. At Sovereign Windows, we offer a wide selection of Aluminium Doors to elevate both the interior and exterior of your home.

So, what are Aluminium Doors? Made from lightweight yet robust aluminium frames, these doors offer a contemporary aesthetic that complements EVERY architectural style. 

Plus, they’re super strong which allows for a much slimmer profile than your usual door! So if you’re looking to create a chic and expensive feel to your home, our range of Aluminium Doors are the ultimate choice to add that seamless, unique look.

Not to mention, these lightweight doors are resistant to rust, warping, and the elements so you’ll never have to worry about long-lasting performance!

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Aluminium doors are incredibly versatile! They’re a popular option for:

  • Front Doors: Aluminium’s inherent strength and weather resistance make it ideal for creating a secure and stylish entrance to your home.
  • Patio Doors: Flood your living space with natural light and enjoy a seamless transition to your outdoor area with aluminium sliding doors.
  • French Doors: French Aluminium Doors open wide to truly connect your interior with the outdoors, perfect for entertaining or creating a bright and airy feel.
  • Interior Doors: Aluminium Doors can also be used for interior applications, adding a touch of modern elegance to room dividers or creating light-filled hallways.

Features & Benefits:

Durability: Aluminium is naturally resistant to rust, corrosion, and warping, ensuring your doors look beautiful for years to come.

Low Maintenance: Unlike traditional timber doors, aluminium requires minimal upkeep. A simple wipe keeps them clean and looking their best.

Energy Efficiency: Modern Aluminium Doors are designed with thermal insulation in mind, helping you save on energy bills.

Security: Aluminium’s strength allows for the incorporation of robust locking mechanisms, enhancing the security of your home.

Style: With a wide range of colours, finishes, and glazing options available, there’s an Aluminium Door to suit any design preference.

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