Composite Doors

Keep the weather and the noise outside

The woodgrain finish on our Composite Doors was developed from oak tree grain, creating a beautifully authentic appearance.

Sovereign Windows know your door needs to look good, it’s as simple as that. Everything about our Composite Doors, from the style and the colour to the decorative glass, has been designed to help you create a distinctively beautiful look for your home. We offer a huge choice in Composite Door styles, whether it be traditional, warm, and welcoming or stylish, modern, and contemporary.

Once you’ve chosen the style of your Composite Door, it’s time to choose the colour. As you browsed through the door styles, you’ll have seen the standard colours that each range is available in. However, that’s only the beginning! In addition, we also offer a huge range of bespoke colours to help you create your perfect door.

Unfortunately, these days, we all worry about how much energy our homes use. The rising cost of our energy bills and our impact on the environment means we want to keep our consumption to a minimum. In the light of this, one of the best ways to achieve this is to choose thermally efficient products that keep warmth in and cold out. Ultimately, leading to saving money and emissions.

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When it comes to thermally efficient doors, our Composite Doors are the best choice you can make. Our Composite Doors offers ultimate security, thanks to its rigid polymer subframe, high density CFC-free polyurethane foam core, high impact resistant GRP skin, and high quality multi-point locks. You might also like to know tests show that our Composite Doors can’t be forced within a reasonable time frame, even with the aid of a police-issue battering ram.

Furthermore, our Composite Doors have water resistant polymer composite rails that protect its core. Meaning, it won’t suffer from water absorption which can lead to skin de-lamination and cause functional problems that lesser products have. Your door will keep the weather at bay and stay looking good for longer.

Not only that, our Composite Doors have a weighted noise reduction of 31 decibels. It means you can be sure your new door will keep outside noise to a minimum, helping to make your home the haven you want it to be.

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