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Sovereign Windows are proud to be suppliers of the Residence 7 Windows collection.

The stylish, elegant, and desirable appearance completes the unique and modern feel homeowners are looking for. A huge, versatile range of the Residence 7 means that they can be used for both Contemporary Windows while still retaining the traditional heritage appearance.

Additionally, Residence 7’s chic, modern appearance expertly matches that of new build and the ever more present traditional British home. Our Residence 7 Windows are designed to look like a flush timber window but are so much more and are at the forefront of window technology and security.

Not only that, the Residence 7 Window has 7 chambers and is 75mm wide. Essentially, providing superior acoustic, thermal, strength and security performance – ensuring the best efficiency. The Residence 7 is designed to accommodate the ‘energy efficient glazing’. This is a commonly used term to describe modern windows either being double or triple glazed.

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The security side of the windows is rounded off with a glazing bead on the inside of the window which contributes to an overall higher security performance.

Coupled with an availability of multiple colour choices to make sure we fit in with modern living and designed with an ‘easy clean’ frame rebate. Ultimately, making sure you can easily wipe clean and keep your windows looking perfect.

Unfortunately, modern living comes with many challenges and a fast sometimes frantic pace. Thus windows and doors needing to continuously look their best with minimum effort required in maintaining them. R7 Windows are virtually this, no sanding or staining also no painting ever required.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy-Clean Rebate – The Residence 7 windows have an easy-clean frame rebate. This means that there is no sharp corners or grooves attracting dirt. This will help your cleaning much making it easier with just a wipe clean. There are also a variety of different coloured bases so you can get a rebate to match.
  • Lock and Hinge Retention – The superior design of Residence 7 windows is down to the detail and screw retention reinforcements. The lock and hinges are secured firmly into position and are even designed to handle the additional weight of triple glazed units.
  • Energy Efficient Glazing – Energy Efficient Glazing is a term used to describe double and triple glazing, with the 28mm double and 44mm triple measurements they keep the heat insulated in the winter and keep it cool in the summer. The glazing bead on the inside also enhances the safety performance.
  • 7-Chamber Design – The Residence 7 windows are engineered to meet current and anticipated future standards. Other windows usually offer 3 or 5 chambers at 70mm wide however, the 7-Chamber design is 75mm wide, making them thermal, acoustic, strong and a high standard of security performance.

Colours the Way You Want Them To Be

Residence 7 windows and doors are finished to perfection, combining a modern flush appearance with all your personalised choices, why not head to the website to find your nearest installer and let your dream home become a reality

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