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Improve your Kerbside Appeal with a New Composite Door

Made from a combination of different materials and not sticking to one single material like uPVC, a composite material possesses many features and ultimately benefits that make it so popular in today's times.

Improve Your Kerbside Appeal With A New Composite Door.

Kerbside appeal is one of the biggest factors in these times when it comes to sprucing up your home appearance. Not only that, it’s essential when making a great first impression to potential buyers and  impressing your neighbours. With all the recent goings on in the world the last few years, there’s been huge demand for home improvements. Especially, new front door appearances being in the top ten! One of the main questions running around in your head will be what type of door should you use? There’s many different styles including uPVC and Solidor. However, in this article we are focusing on the ever so popular, hot trend – the composite door!

What Is A Composite Door?

Made from a combination of different materials and not sticking to one single material like uPVC, a composite material possesses many features and ultimately benefits that make it so popular in today’s times. Each single component used within the composite door contributes to make the finished item the best it can be. The results of a finished composite product speaks for itself, giving you a front door that’s much more durable and stronger than your traditional door type.

Composite Door Features

Whatever taste and style you have, you can be sure that composite doors have the answer for you. They’re available in a huge range of colours and types to allow you to be really happy with your decision. Not to mention, you’ll definitely stand out from the rest of your neighbours! A great example of this is that you can even recreate a traditional, panelled cottage door or opt for a super authentic graining effect that gives that wood finish feel.

When it comes to other detailed components, you have the choice of: alternative window inserts, handle designs, locking styles, and panel configurations. Also, at Sovereign Windows you can access these different options through our Door Designer or give us a call. If required, we’ll pop round to discuss your options! Whatever your needs are, we can find the perfect solution to suit your front and back door requirements.

What Are The Benefits Of Composite Doors?

Times and tastes are definitely changing. The question a lot of people have is why should I choose a composite front door? The cost of a uPVC door had been the norm years ago and there’s a cost difference but it’s now the go to front door for a few reasons which we have outlined below.


Composite Doors will provide you with a lot more longevity, providing a life expectancy of over 30 years which outweighs the lifespan of a wooden or uPVC door. They provide you with less maintenance as they will not peel or crack nor will it warp or face. As an example even years later it should look the same as it looked when installed.

A composite front door will not crack or peel. Also, it should not fade or warp. Even after 10 years, you should still notice little difference from the day it was installed. Although they may cost more, this life expectancy and durability make a contemporary composite door a superior long-term investment.

Energy Efficiency

With the new rises in energy prices as of April 2022, the fact that composite doors have far greater thermal efficiency than say a uPVC door. This is due to the frame not warping over time so the extra bit of money it costs should be made up in other ways such as heat retention. Something to think about, which is a fun fact, the energy efficiency rating is normally an A for all composite doors.


Security is a big thing for everyone in today’s times and this is another reason a composite is the go to front door solution in 2022. The materials and steel frame which are used allows the door to be more durable and to withstand damage. Less gaps when fitted by experts such as ourselves at Sovereign Windows leaves fewer gaps for burglars to exploit. This is where you should consider potential advanced locking systems which are worth the investment if you want the best security possible. These options can be discussed. With over 40 years experience and thousands of doors installed, we can guide you the right way.

Composite Door FAQs

Can you paint composite doors?

The colours last much longer than your standard uPVC options – most manufacturers recommend you do not repaint them.

How long should a new composite door last?

Over 35 Years! This makes composite doors a great investment thanks to there longevity.

Will a contemporary composite door fade?

Composite doors are usually finished in resistant material that reduces fading greatly which will keep your door looking crisp and shiny new for years to come.

Are composite doors safe?

Being more durable than other options such as uPVC and advanced locking systems available the short answer is – 100%.


We would always recommend investing in the best options available if you have the availability too. Whether that is windows or doors, and this is no different – the benefits of composites over its rivals is clear for everyone to see and also the trendy door people expect nowadays.

Once you have gone down the composite door route for your home you have the peace of mind knowing for decades to come this is one home improvement job ticked off the list.

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