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FENSA: The Importance Of Choosing A Registered Company

When it comes to selecting a windows and doors company, one aspect that holds significant importance is their FENSA registration. The Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme (FENSA) is a government-approved scheme that regulates the installation of windows and doors in the UK. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of choosing a FENSA registered company like Sovereign Windows. Plus, how it benefits homeowners in terms of quality assurance, compliance, and peace of mind.

Quality Assurance

Firstly, opting for a registered windows and doors company provides you with a guarantee of quality and professionalism. FENSA registered installers undergo a thorough vetting process. This ensures that they possess the necessary skills, expertise, and adherence to industry standards. By choosing a FENSA registered company, you can be confident that the products and services provided will meet the highest quality benchmarks.

Building Regulations Compliance

Additionally, one of the key advantages of engaging with Sovereign Windows, a FENSA registered company, is compliance with building regulations. As registered installers we’re well-versed in the requirements set forth by the UK government for window and door installations. This means that the work carried out by us will meet the necessary legal and safety standards, giving you peace of mind that your project is in full compliance with regulations.

Local Authority Notifications

When you choose a FENSA registered company for your installation, you can avoid the hassle of obtaining local authority approvals yourself. FENSA registered installers have the authority to self-certify their work and handle all the necessary notifications to the local building control on your behalf. This streamlined process saves you time, effort, and potential headaches associated with navigating the complex paperwork and approvals.

Insurance Backed Guarantee

Another advantage of working with Sovereign Windows is the provision of an insurance-backed guarantee. FENSA registered installers are required to provide an insurance-backed guarantee for their work. This means that in the unlikely event of the company ceasing to trade, the guarantee remains valid and protects your investment. This additional level of assurance ensures that you have recourse in case of any issues or defects with your windows and doors.

Customer Protection

FENSA registration provides an added layer of protection for homeowners. Therefore, by choosing us, you’re safeguarded against substandard workmanship and potential disputes. In the event of any disagreements or conflicts, FENSA offers an independent dispute resolution service, allowing issues to be resolved swiftly and fairly. This customer protection further reinforces the importance of selecting a registered company for your windows and doors project.

When it comes to choosing a windows and doors company, opting for a FENSA registered installer, like Sovereign Windows, is a decision that brings numerous benefits. From ensuring high-quality workmanship and compliance with building regulations, to streamlined paperwork and customer protection, FENSA registration offers peace of mind and a guarantee of professionalism. 

Therefore, Sovereign Windows are proud to be a FENSA registered company, prioritising quality, compliance, and customer satisfaction in all our projects!

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