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Pros And Cons Of Sliding Windows

Here at Sovereign Windows, we’re quite passionate about windows and our trade. So we think it’s a good idea if we share a little insight into the pros and cons of different types of windows. In this article we explore our Vertical Sliding Windows. 

Advantages of Sliding Windows 

  • Security
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Environmentally Friendly

Security: Sliding windows are first and foremost very secure. We are able to build the windows with multipoint locking systems providing peace of mind that you have one of the most secure windows available. We are also able to fit Child Safety Restrictors which limits how far they can open keeping your little ones safe.

Energy Efficiency: Sovereign windows are designed to keep the heat in during winter and keep you cool during summer. Our temperature control keeps you comfortable and as these windows reduce outside noise by 70% we know you’ll be relaxed too!

Environmentally Friendly: Typically Sliding windows are white, but did you know that with Sovereign Windows they are also extremely green! They are made from recyclable plastics and their durability means that they’ll last for 35 – 75 years. It’s extremely likely that once you have these, you won’t be needing another! 

Disadvantages of Sliding Windows

  • Maintenance
  • Material

Maintenance: We struggled to find a disadvantage for these beautiful windows. But after some time, our team thinks the only thing about this window that could be considered a disadvantage is the cleaning. Cleaning the inside of the window will be easy, it’ll be a breeze! The difficulty will come with trying to clean the outside. They don’t tilt or angle as much as other windows so it’s harder to reach round to the other side. If you’re someone who likes immaculately clean windows at all times and you want to be able to clean them quickly and easily, then this may not be the window for you. Check out our range of windows for more suitable options. 

Material: Typically, Vertical sliding windows used to be made from Timber. Wooden frame windows are plagued with problems after time and weather such as rotting frames, loose glazing and peeling paint. Sovereign Windows have elected to make Vertical Sliding Windows from UPVC to prevent these problems from occurring.  But should you ever decide to look at sliding windows elsewhere, avoid a timber frame at all costs. 

Look at our entire range of windows here. Alternatively, call us and speak to one of our team who will be able to answer any question about windows and doors that you may have!

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