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Pros and Cons Of Sliding Doors

Sliding doors have become increasingly popular lately and it’s not hard to see why! With recent innovation, the sliding patio door has gone from a heavy slab to a stylish and efficient entrance to your garden.

Bi-folding and French doors have had their time in the spotlight, namely for their convenience and aesthetics. However, these doors aren’t your only option for an elegant back door. We’re here to show you the pros and cons of sliding doors so you can find the best fit for your home and needs.

Pros of Sliding Doors 

Light: Our Sliding Patio Doors can have large panes of glass up to 3m, for 2 panes or even larger in 3 or 4 panes! Large panes of glass provide an unobstructed view, the perfect door for admiring the view of your garden and beyond! Sliding doors allow you to open your home and create an entrance from one area of your home to another. Creating a flow of air and light throughout your home.

Design: Thin aluminium door frames offer a beautiful modern finish and they’re very thin, you’ll hardly notice them there! Our designs are flexible and allow you to choose frame style, finish and colour so you can match your new door to your existing doors and windows.

Weight: If you’re thinking about large panes of glass it’s reasonable to assume that they’re extremely heavy to shift around. Whilst the glass is heavy, our slider technology ensures that our sliding doors can be opened with a slight push. 

Security: Our sliding doors are steel-reinforced featuring a multipoint locking system and anti-jacking technology making sure you and your family are safe. For additional security, the doors feature patio interlock bolts that prevent the panels being forced apart by burglars. 

Seamless Entry: The low threshold means that children running in and out all day won’t trip up. The low track is wheelchair friendly so everyone is able to venture outside as they please without any bumps.

Cons of Sliding Doors

Obstruction: These doors allow you to create a flow within your home from one area to another. However, there will always be one panel that you can’t open so there is a section that will be obstructed.

Track Width: The track width of the doors can be quite large due to the glazing of the doors. Some may not find aesthetically pleasing as the track will be the same colour as your door frame.

No Option For A Swinging Door: Sliding doors are on one track so you are unable to have a patio or swinging door combined with a sliding track. Some people would prefer to have a swinging door for ease of access, this may be something you need to consider, especially if you have pets.

If you’re looking for sliding doors for your home, take a look at our range here! If you’d like more information call our friendly team on 01829 772 577 or fill out a form for your free quote.

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