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Will My House Suit Bi-Folding Doors?

Here in Cheshire, at Sovereign Windows, we’re quite passionate about windows and our trade. Bi-folding doors are incredibly popular and maximise the light and space in your home, we think all houses would suit bi-folding doors!

There are numerous benefits to having bi-folding doors in your home, some of those will appeal to you more than others. We’re here to list them all, because why on earth wouldn’t we? But, in the interest of impartiality, we’ll also list the drawbacks. 

Is my space too big or too small for bi-folding doors? 

Folding doors can be built to fit any opening or aperture in your home. There’s certainly no fixed formula or rigid rules about how many doors are needed. Typically, bi-folding doors open at one end and fold all the way over to the other side, but even this is flexible. You can have two separate concertinas of panels that meet in the middle, we think this adds a nice french door style twist. 

Aren’t those big doors quite heavy?

Something that people often (wrongly) think is that bi-folding doors are heavy. Which isn’t an unreasonable thought. After all, these doors will cover at least several metres of space across and they’re mostly made from glass which is a heavy material. But they’re extremely easy to open and close! This is thanks to the engineering that has gone into the sliders and runners at the top and bottom of the doors. As long as you use an expert installer (and we’ve plenty at Sovereign Windows) then everything will be properly aligned.

Intricate engineering sounds like a hassle to maintain…

… But it isn’t! Another assumption about bi-folding doors is that with all the small, carefully designed parts. It doesn’t take much to knock one thing off and your door to jam. As long as your door is properly maintained then won’t run into any problems. Folding doors are actually incredibly easy to maintain! A little bit of WD40 on the slider every now and then and your door will be running smoothly for many years. 

Luxury Aesthetics

One thing that truly separates bi-folding doors from the rest is their aesthetic. Folding doors are very modern and looks amazing with contemporary interior design. It’s be difficult for you to find a bolder and better-looking door to suit a wide aperture than this door. Experts estimate that bi-folding doors can increase property value by 5-10%! Obviously, that depends on a lot of different factors so we don’t swear by that but we do know that bi-folding doors add value. How could they not?

Now that we’ve looked at the benefits of bi-folding doors, let’s cast our eyes on the drawbacks, or at least what used to be drawbacks. 

Won’t all that glass make it easy to break in? 

Whilst it’s true that bi-folding doors are mostly glass, the case that this is attractive to would-be burglars simply isn’t supported. Additionally, breaking the glass would be incredibly loud and likely to draw attention. Something else that burglars would be likely to avoid. 

Even if someone were to try, bi-folding doors (and the glass) are a lot stronger than they used to be. They may not be the strongest door on the market, it’s certainly not a weak spot of your home. 

It seems like a lot of doors to open if I just want to let the dog out? 

You’d be right in thinking that having to open all of those doors if you just want to let the dog out would be incredibly inconvenient, not to mention the heat you’d lose in winter. If you have another access door nearby then it’d make sense to use that. If not, then you might consider a different sort of bi-fold door, which has a special panel at the end of the door. Allowing for easy movement in and out of your home so that you don’t trouble yourself with the above. 

We hope that we’ve been able to inform you about bi-folding doors in this article. If you’re interest in having a discussion about our offering please contact us. Bi-folding doors aren’t for everyone, take a look at our door brochures for other types of doors. 

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